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About Us

Far Western University (FWU) establishedin 2010 A.D. under the Far Western University Act, is  a gift to the people of Far Western region,who have continuously been suffering of the problem of underdevelopment,poverty, illiteracy, traditional and superstitious socio-cultural values, andunskilled human resources. Far western region as a backward place has alwaysbeen lacking quality education, and health facilities. For the development ofhuman personality , quality education  iscrucial to overcome the challenges faced by the people of Far Western region. FWU,a prestigious growing educational institution, is committed to contribute inthe production of skilled human resources to fulfill the need of the region andthe country as well by providing research based education in various disciplinesuch as, Science, Law, Management, Humanities, Medical Science, Education andother technical and vocational areas.

Currently, FWU is offering Undergraduate,Graduate, M. Phil., and Ph. D. programs in Humanities and Social Sciences,Education, and Management streams. In addition, it also offers theundergraduate programs in Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology.Adoptingthe principle of imparting legaleducation in this region, FWU has introduced the Faculty of Law and commenced anundergraduate program (B.A., LL. B.) under it since 2021 A. D.